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For many boards one of our four Board Effectiveness Surveys with accompanying benchmarked report is enough of a start to help you make meaningful and measurable change within the boardroom and therefor your organisation. But for others, digging a little deeper to help see the unseen and to add even further value is needed.

Once you have selected your Board Effectiveness Survey simply select your chosen optional extras from the list on the check-out page and it will be added to your cart.

Survey sent to executives and additional reporting

Gaining the extra perspectives of your executives and the extent that their average responses differs from that of your board members will add further value.

The survey will be sent to the executives chosen by you as well as your board members. You will normally only include executives who are regularly involved in board meetings and who are therefor familiar with your board. The anonymity of responses of executives will be protected by only providing extra reporting if at least three executives respond to the survey. If only three respond to the survey only their average response will be reported. A frequency count of executive responses will only be reported if at least four executives respond to the survey.

The comments of executives will be merged with the responses of board members to further protect the anonymity of executive responses.

Director Effectiveness Module added plus Scorecards prepared for each Director

Board Surveys has designed a Director Effectiveness Module that can be added to the end of your chosen Board Survey. The module enables a lite touch review of the effectiveness of individual directors. Directors rate themselves and each other. If you have opted for executives to complete the Board Survey they will also rate and comment on each director and their responses will be merged with those of directors. You need to advise us if you do not want your executives to complete this module.

The Director Effectiveness Module has 3 survey items (on teamwork, contribution and adding strategic value) to assess the effectiveness of each director. Two open questions in relation to each director’s strengths and the suggestions for each director are included.

A Director Effectiveness Scorecard for each director is prepared and will be sent to the same person who has been nominated to receive the benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report.

Committee Effectiveness Module added plus scorecards

Asses the appropriate skills, effectiveness and reporting to the board of each committee with a short committee module added to the end of your board survey.

Module consists of 3 survey items and 2 open ended questions that cover the main areas of value and any suggestions for improvement.


If you choose for executives to do your Board Survey you can choose that executives be excluded from completing this Module.

A Committee Effectiveness Scorecard for each committee is then sent directly to the Chair or other nominated party to distribute and discuss with each Committee Chair.

Limited interviews (4) and preparation of an Executive Summary

45 minute interviews by video – normally with the Chair, CEO and two directors chosen by you.

Executive Summary to include insights and recommendations based on the interviews and review of the board report.

Expert advice to the Chair (but not the Board)

One of our experts will provide advice to the chair on how to interpret the benchmarked report and how to act on the survey results. The advice will be provided by video and take up to one hour. The chair is likely to provide some context for the results and can ask as many questions as deemed necessary.

Board Surveys will allocate you the most appropriate expert from its network of experienced and trusted global advisory partners to help you interpret and act on the insights from your benchmarked report.

Expert advice to the Chair and then to the Board

One of our experts will provide advice to the chair on how to interpret the benchmarked report and how to act on the survey results. The same expert will then provide similar advice to the board and take into account any important context provided by the Chair in relation to the results. The presentation will also be done by video for up to one hour and will include responding to any questions from board members

Other advice or assistance

If you want additional advice or assistance in addition to expert advice to the Chair and the board we can provide that too. Please just Contact Us and advise us what extra advice or assistance you require.

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