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Our self-managed board surveys are designed to be used by boards of organisations of every shape and size around the world. With no lock in contracts, the surveys provide a measure of all the important issues that impact a board’s effectiveness.

We protect the anonymity of respondents to ensure they can be candid. This enables issues to be exposed that might otherwise be hidden.

Our benchmarked reports will show your strengths and where you need to improve at a glance. They are designed to be change and action-oriented making it clear to you what you need to do to improve over the coming year.

If you need any expert advice to help you interpret and act on your survey results we have arranged that for you too. A growing network of experts are available in all time zones across the world to assist you.

Designed for a singer user only to try a shortened survey and get their own benchmarked report.

A report will be sent directly to you on completion of the survey with responses benchmarked against our whole database.


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Our  most versatile survey option and happens to be our most popular as it can be used by any of the following entities:

  • This survey can serve as the foundation for your annual board review whether that means as part of an external deep-dive review every two or three years that includes interviews or just for your lite touch review for the years in between
  • Small public, private, government and not-for-profit organisations that wish to avoid the time-extensive task of full interviews, document reviews other in-depth surveying tactics. Instead, this option provides a validated, world-class, benchmarked survey and report that includes optional extras
  • Large organisations that already use the Advanced Version every two or three years with interviews often use this lite Essential Version that provides comparable figures in a benchmarked report for the board reviews in between

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Our Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey allows an organisation to truly understand every facet of their board and its internal workings. Commonly used by larger listed, private, government and not-for-profit organisations, it is suitable for newcomers or those who have been doing board reviews for many years.

It is also suitable for stand-alone reviews. When opting to use it in such a way, you avoid the extra review procedures (such as interviews). This helps to speed up the process with less intrusion on key persons in the business while still providing extremely valuable insights. You should consider adding an optional extra of asking one of our global board advisory experts to help you interpret and act on your benchmarked survey.


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Which survey is right for your organisation?

You should also ask yourselves important questions before you embark on your board survey process. Do you want a deep dive or a lite touch board survey? Will you be surveying individual managers, staff, or just board members? There are a few things to consider to ensure that your survey process is of benefit rather than a waste of everyone’s time (including your own).

Looking for a more in-depth survey process?

Our partner, Board Benchmarking, provides you with more detailed surveys, more optional extras and a dedicated project manager to help you through every step of the process.
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