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Draw insights from your data, make sense of the numbers and provide unbiased and strategic guidance for positive change.

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Board Surveys Made Easy

Established in 2020, we aim to measure and enhance the performance of tens of thousands of boards in smaller organisations by providing easily accessible, world-class, benchmarked board surveys to small organisations, nonprofits, and consultants globally. Previously, those customers had been priced out of the market for access to world-class board surveys and benchmarked reports.

Before Board Surveys, smaller organisations:

  • Only had access to sub-standard board surveys cobbled together from the internet
  • Relied on a combination of cumbersome manual and basic technology systems, which, used together, were prone to transcription and other errors
  • Were unable to access the benefits that come from benchmarking their survey results against similar boards
  • Often misinterpreted the results of their surveys accordingly.


Board Surveys, a division of Insync, has gained access to Insync’s world-class survey, benchmarking and reporting technologies used by Insync and its sister brand, Board Benchmarking. Leveraging this, we have developed two shorter versions of the comprehensive benchmarked surveys initially created for larger organisations. Additionally, we have implemented streamlined self-service technologies to reduce survey costs further. This access to advanced technologies crafted by Insync over two decades enables us to lower the price of our board surveys even further.

Our Values

Our values are our organisation’s way of life. We embrace, reinforce and live by them to succeed, overcome challenges, lead change and evolve. Our values shape our organisation’s culture and DNA and make us distinctively Board Surveys.

Forward thinking
We always look ahead and think creatively with purpose and bravery.

We use a collaborative mindset to underpin all we do internally and with our clients and partners.

We meet our commitments to our clients, partners, and each other.

We discover and speak the truth to our clients, partners and each other with respect and integrity.

High Performance
We set high expectations for ourselves and others and are passionate about achieving success.



Our People

Although our model is “self-managed,” we have a dedicated team behind the scenes ensuring smooth operations. We’ll be readily available to assist in the rare instances of any issues. Our support comes from the diverse expertise of psychologists, researchers, consultants, analysts, and developers at Board Surveys and our sister organisation Insync.


Nicholas Barnett

Dr. Susan Mravlek

Ray Mach

Murray Chapman

Dr. Erika Szerda

Anthony Barnett
Head of Operations

Chris Cooper
Head of Digital Marketing

Tayla Rainsbury
Marketing Manager

A Global Network of Partner Support

We care about our vision of aiding tens of thousands of boards, and we are confident we can accelerate this by supporting those who facilitate board improvement.

Thus, we are committed to growing and supporting our global community of consultants, whom we refer to as partners and reducing the administrative hassle of launching their board survey and preparing their reports.

We have enhanced our support for partners by developing additional tools to empower them to assist their client boards. Among these tools is providing the transcript of individual survey respondent ratings, facilitating more effective interviews with respondents. Additionally, we offer various other tools and downloads, including our co-branded FREE Trial board survey on their website.

Our global network of consultants who learn from and help each other will continue to expand. We will remain committed to growing this community by introducing innovations and additional governance surveys and tools to support our partners further.

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