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Motivation, engagement and culture are the keys to a successful board. Discover what a generic or internal evaluation won’t tell you.

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Board Effectiveness Surveys for Small Organisations and Not-for-Profits

Our most versatile survey options, which also happen to be our most popular. They suit boards of small and not-for-profit organisations. They can also be used by all larger organisations who want a lighter touch review.

Our lite survey was designed for the tens of thousands of very small organisations that don’t otherwise have access to an affordable fit-for-purpose Board Effectiveness Survey and a benchmarked report. It was designed for organisations with a turnover of than US$1 million and only a few employees. 

The survey can also be used as a lite touch version for larger organisations, including for those that previously used our Essentials version for their deeper dive review. 

Our Essentials version was designed for organisations with a turnover of up to US$2.5 million or even US$5 million and for smaller organisations where organisation performance is important. 

The survey can also be used as a lite touch version for larger organisations, including for those that previously used Board Benchmarking’s Advanced version for their deeper dive review. 

There are many requirements and many good reasons for organisations to conduct regular reviews to assess the performance, effectiveness and decision making of the board. Board reviews are of great benefit to an organisation as it helps ensure an effective board performance that aligns with the company strategy.

As board reviews become commonplace in most developed countries, specific requirements for board reviews will likely continue to be refined and expanded upon.

To ensure compliance and more importantly, to lift performance and effectiveness, “lite touch” board reviews are a great way to get an overview of the state of your board.

More effective boards also mean more effective organisations. It is also more enjoyable to sit on and be part of a more effective board!

Our expert team has developed Board Effectiveness Surveys for Small and Not-for-Profit Organisations which are a shortened version of our Larger Organisations Board Effectiveness Surveys. They are our most versatile survey options and happens to be our most popular as they can be used by any of the following entities:

  • This survey can serve as the foundation for your annual board review whether that means as part of an external deep-dive review every two or three years that includes interviews or just for your lite touch review for the years in between
  • Small public, private, government and not-for-profit organisations that wish to avoid the time-extensive task and cost of full interviews, document reviews other in-depth surveying tactics. Instead, this option provides a validated, world-class, benchmarked survey and report with the option of adding expert advice
  • Large organisations that already use the Advanced or Premium Version every two or three years with or without  interviews often use the Lite or Essential version to provide comparable figures in a benchmarked report for the board reviews in between

Key Benefits

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Is your board benchmarked in the top, middle or bottom quartile overall, for each dimension and for each survey item?

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A leading Australian university, experienced directors and governance experts helped to validate our surveys to ensure we only measure the things that really matter.

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These surveys can be used by boards of all shapes and sizes in any industry and country. They are online and affordable.

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Change Oriented

The benchmarked report is designed to be very action oriented with a focus on the areas that are the biggest levers for change.

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Efficiency is easy with the help of the latest online survey and reporting technologies that deliver our board surveys and benchmarked reports directly to you and your directors.

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Fear not; our surveys only take around 10 or 15 minutes to complete, so you can get on with your day!

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Having completed over 400 board reviews, our honed and streamlined process is specifically designed to make everything simple for you.

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Optional Advice

Take advantage of our years of board and governance experience by opting for advice from one of our global experts on how to interpret and act on your survey results.

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