Board benchmarking is the most effective way to identify and improve the current state of a board's performance

Informed judgments about board performance require world class benchmarking against results of comparable organisations

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The best practice board benchmarking process

Avoid misinformed judgments and inappropriate conclusions in your regular board reviews. Many boards accidentally create an echo chamber with their internal board performance and effectiveness surveys and reports as they fail to benchmark. Also, internal surveys rarely have the right balance of survey items and questions that are necessary to determine the overall effectiveness of a board. With the right survey items and questions and with relevant benchmarking, the Board Surveys team can help you on your improvement journey; read on to understand more about this today!

With Board Surveys’ simple and clear benchmarked reporting, you will know at a glance where your board sits when stacked up against comparable responses from similar organisations. This means you’ll get much more out of your survey exercise thanks to the quick and easy identification of the hot spots that require further investigation. 

By using psychometric and statistical analysis, we will help you identify the most appropriate dimensions that measure your board’s overall effectiveness. This paves the way for real improvement for both your board and the organisation as a whole.

Our benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report shows your survey results benchmarked against a large database. For example, a not-for-profit organisation should be compared with other not-for-profits. The same can be said for every other sector, as everyone gains a greater understanding of their performance when stacked up next to peers and competitors. 

Our extensive benchmarking incorporates boards from organisations in every industry and sub-sector. It can be significantly harder for the board to improve their performance if they do not understand where the bar for true quality sits; benchmarking solves this issue and helps your board to become more effective.

We believe that better boards lead to better organisations, and board benchmarking is the primary way to achieve this thanks to the following benefits:

  • Your benchmarked board assessment identifies all areas of strength and where improvements can be made in the 16 most important dimensions of a board’s effectiveness
  • Your benchmarked report will quickly identify individual hot spots quickly
  • You will have an important baseline from which you can measure the impact of subsequent improvement initiatives
  • You will have a greater understanding of the performance expectations of your specific industry


With board benchmarking, your board’s overall effectiveness and effectiveness across the most important dimensions for a board’s effectiveness are identified to help your board and therefor your organisation succeed. Let’s chat today about improving your board’s performance!

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