Why There’s No Excuse for Poor Board Performance


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Underperforming boards are unnecessary. It’s that simple. There are easy ways to assess your board performance and identify and correct any issues over time.

Board Surveys offers a world-first solution with a global online benchmarked board survey that provides affordable, validated, benchmarked, world-class board effectiveness surveys designed to suit organizations of all shapes and sizes anywhere in the world.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of this for your board’s performance.

The importance of board surveys

With affordable prices, with an optional extra of independent professional advice, it’s never been easier or more affordable to get vital performance data for your board.

The Board Surveys team has been helping large listed, private, government, and not-for-profit companies with board performance reviews for years. Over this time, more and more SMEs, clubs, and associations have requested similar assistance, which led to a cut-down, fit-for-purpose board effectiveness survey to suit organizations of all sizes.

Based on Board Survey’s robust evidence-based framework, the data gathered provides an overall yet in-depth look into the current state of a board, identifying successes and opportunities for improvement.

Why organizations trust Board Surveys

Board Surveys have carried out surveys for organizations around the world.

These organizations buy the board survey that is best suited to their needs while making use of the option of including professional advice. This addition assists in interpreting and acting on survey results utilizing Board Surveys’ growing global network of Board Advisory Partners.

Increased measurement reliability

In early 2020, the benchmarked Board Effectiveness Survey was revamped following an independent validation process with the assistance of Deakin University in Australia to establish psychometrically defensible dimensions of board functioning. This means our surveys are now even more reliable in measuring the most important dimensions of a board’s performance and effectiveness.

You can even try it for FREE

Your whole board can’t try it for free but you can! We have developed a shortened 3 minute FREE survey for a single user just so you can try it out and so you can see how the survey and the benchmarked reporting works. Feel free to give it a try.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

The benefits of the board survey process are simple and clear. Benchmarked reports clearly show where your board sits based on a specific measurement system. From the top quartile (green) to the middle 50 percent (beige) or the bottom quartile (red), each survey item is graded and weighted across the 16 dimensions of effectiveness. This provides a clear picture of your board’s overall effectiveness.

Board Survey’s online affordable, validated, and world-class benchmarked board surveys means that organizations of all shapes and sizes have easy access to vital performance data. This means there is no excuse for poor performance or ineffectiveness. Better boards lead to a better organization, so let’s chat about setting up your board effectiveness survey today.


Benchmarking Board Performance

Gain actionable insights that are benchmarked with comparable boards within your chosen industry

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