What Is the Best Board Review Tool for a Governance Consultant?


What is the best survey tool for a governance consultant

The last thing any governance consultant wants is to spend valuable time and resources compiling a board survey from scratch or updating a survey that has been used previously. Constructing meaningful questions, gathering responses and compiling a comprehensive report can become a real burden on your time. Enter Board Surveys, your partner in benchmarking organisations through measurable and actionable insights.

Offering 4 surveys to suit boards of all shapes and sizes, Board Surveys works with consultants to offer a cost-effective survey option, retaining all the advantages of a globally recognised validated framework and benchmarked reporting.


Streamlining your process, minimise effort and maximising impact

One of the biggest challenges governance consultants face is the time and administrative effort involved in setting up surveys, collecting data, and compiling comprehensive reports. With Board Surveys, this burden is lifted.

Our user-friendly process and world-class surveys eliminate the need for laborious setup, enabling consultants to focus on what matters most: analysing results, conducting any interviews requested and providing invaluable advice to the board. This streamlined approach ensures that your efforts are channeled into activities that truly add value rather than being bogged down by time-draining and tedious administrative tasks.


The power of comparative analysis

Benchmarking is at the heart of informed decision-making. It’s that simple. Our extensive database allows insightful comparisons against similar boards, enabling consultants to provide context-rich recommendations.

This comparative analysis is invaluable, as it prevents misinterpretation of the data and adds depth to your insights. Our stand-alone benchmarking reports serve as a solid foundation. Our platform offers flexibility for those seeking additional depth or a lighter touch, allowing governance consultants to select from various survey options tailored to their specific needs.


Reducing the risk of mistakes

Carrying out your own survey, manipulating the data and transposing the resultant data into reports adds significantly to the risk of errors. Board Surveys mitigate this risk by providing a streamlined error-free process and reports.

Our tried-and-tested surveys and reporting mechanisms ensure consistency and accuracy, irrespective of the frequency of your engagements. Governance consultants can rely on our expertise to maintain the highest standards every time.


Empowering consultants with comprehensive insights

Board Surveys empower consultants and company secretaries by providing an end-to-end service including comprehensive benchmarking reports. These reports serve as a solid foundation, complemented perfectly by extra written reports or executive summaries.

Consultants have the freedom to add their unique perspectives, seamlessly integrating their expertise into our meticulously crafted reports. This fusion of comprehensive data and individual insights equips consultants to deliver impactful recommendations to their clients.


Online convenience with digital survey and reporting technologies

Board Surveys delivers board surveys and benchmarked reports directly to consultants, company secretaries and directors. This online approach eliminates geographical constraints and time limitations, allowing consultants to access crucial data at their convenience.

The ability to manage surveys and reports online simplifies the entire process, providing consultants with a user-friendly platform to enhance their workflow.


Time is of the essence for governance consultants

Our surveys take directors and other survey participants around 10 or 15 minutes to complete. This brief yet comprehensive approach ensures that our surveys can be simply and easily completed without overly disrupting the busy schedules of their clients.

Governance consultants can ask their client to take on the administrative role to track survey distribution and completion or they can take on that role themselves. Either way they will know that the system has been designed to minimise the administrative burden and maximise the transparency for those taking on the administrative role.

With minimal time investment, consultants can focus on their core tasks, confident that they have collected valuable insights efficiently. Having successfully completed over 500 board reviews, Board Surveys has honed and streamlined its process to perfection. This expertise translates into a seamless experience for consultants.


Leveraging our board and governance experience

In addition to providing user-friendly tools, Board Surveys offer consultants the option to tap into the wealth of knowledge possessed by our global experts.

Consultants can receive advice from seasoned professionals with years of board and governance experience. This optional guidance equips consultants with valuable insights on interpreting survey results and crafting strategic action plans. Leveraging the expertise of these experts adds depth to consultants’ analyses, enhancing the quality of their recommendations to clients.


Simplify and improve your governance consulting practice with Board Surveys today

Board Surveys understands the unique challenges faced by governance consultants and offers a solution that simplifies the survey process, maximises the impact of benchmarking, and ensures error-free excellence.

By choosing Board Surveys as your trusted partner, you save precious time and resources and enhance your expertise, enabling you to provide unparalleled value to your clients. Advance your governance consulting practice with Board Surveys and experience the difference today.


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