What Is an Alternative to a Survey Monkey Board Review?


What is an alternative to a survey monkey board review

Effective board evaluations play a crucial role in ensuring strong governance, strategic decision-making, and continuous improvement. In some instances, organisations may rely on tools like Survey Monkey to conduct board reviews and gather valuable feedback from board members. However, as demands evolve, a more innovative approach to board reviews is required.

This is where Board Surveys can help, providing organisations with a powerful alternative to Survey Monkey and similar survey tools. You can use one of these many generalist survey tools or you can rely on a specialist like Board Surveys, which uses tried and tested surveys and where your survey results will be benchmarked against similar boards. This will enhance the board evaluation process, enabling boards to make more informed decisions and drive positive change.

Read on to discover how Board Surveys can revolutionise how your organisation gathers feedback, evaluates board performance, and drives impactful governance.


Efficiency, accuracy and benchmarking: A game-changer for your organisation

For those tasked with conducting board reviews internally, the process can be demanding and time-consuming. Many find themselves relying on tools like Survey Monkey, Excel, or even traditional pen-and-paper surveys to collect feedback from board members. This process often involves piecing together survey statements from various sources, be it directors, Google searches, or past reviews. Preparing comprehensive reports for the board becomes a cumbersome task of cutting and pasting charts and information from multiple platforms.

With Board Surveys, the way you approach board evaluations changes dramatically. With hundreds of board evaluations completed by our experts over the years, we understand the unique challenges of quality evaluations and offer a streamlined, all-in-one solution to save time, enhance accuracy, and reduce the risk of transcription and other errors.

By utilising Board Surveys for internal board reviews, you can choose one of our fit-for-purpose surveys that meets the specific needs of your organisation. Instead of cobbling together statements from different sources, you can leverage our experience of conducting hundreds of board surveys, ensuring comprehensive coverage of critical areas for board evaluation.

One of the standout advantages of Board Surveys.com is its ability to generate detailed reports. Rather than manually compiling charts and data from multiple sources, you can use the platform to generate visually appealing reports highlighting key findings and insights. This saves substantial time and effort and minimises the risk of errors in data transcription or report preparation.

You won’t get insightful benchmarking from Survey Monkey and comparable tools, but you will get advanced benchmarking against similar boards from Board Surveys. Many clients say it is the benchmarked reporting that makes all the difference.

Our advanced features further enhance the board evaluation process. For example, gather candid responses from board members using survey rating and comment fields to allow anonymous feedback options. In addition, tracking progress over time, comparing results across multiple evaluations, and accessing real-time analytics adds another layer of depth and actionable intelligence to the board review process.


Board Surveys sets a new standard in affordability

By leveraging their expertise and experience, the Board Surveys team have streamlined every step, from survey creation to report generation. Not only do Board Surveys excel in efficiency, but it also sets a new standard in affordability.

Recognising the need for accessible board evaluation solutions, Board Surveys offers services at a remarkably inexpensive cost, starting at only $1,425. This cost-effective pricing model enables organisations of all sizes, from small non-profits to large corporations, to benefit from comprehensive board evaluations without straining budgets.

The best part? This affordability does not compromise quality or functionality. Despite the competitive pricing, Board Surveys deliver robust features and a user-friendly interface that rivals alternatives that can be more than 10 times the price. Board Surveys ensure that organisations receive exceptional value for their investment.

By offering this affordable pricing structure without compromising quality, Board Surveys has democratised board evaluations. Organisations no longer need to allocate substantial funds or sacrifice valuable resources to conduct comprehensive and insightful board surveys. With Board Surveys, even smaller companies or organisations with limited budgets can access a professional and efficient platform that meets their needs.


Let Board Surveys be your perfect solution today

The board evaluation process is made much simpler by eliminating time-consuming tasks, reducing the risk of errors, and offering a professionally designed survey and benchmarked report. By leveraging Board Surveys, company secretaries or anyone else tasked with the goal of evaluation can focus on analysing the insights, facilitating informed discussions within the board, and driving positive changes in corporate governance.

To experience the transformative benefits of Board Surveys, make a purchase directly online or contact our team for more information. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to trial the survey and receive a benchmarked report for free. See the platform’s capabilities firsthand and understand its value for your organisation today.


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