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Organisations and boards worldwide are placing a much stronger focus on their climate change, and ESG endeavours as the growing concern around the environmental impacts of current operations continues.

Questions concerning climate change and ESG are now more prevalent among investors, analysts, and the general public. There is unquestionably a greater focus on the planet’s health and the specific actions various organizations (guided by their boards) take to ensure its survival.

For these reasons, Board Surveys recently secured the expertise of Dr. Sugumar Mariappanadar as our Senior Sustainability Advisor. Dr. Mariappanadar, acknowledged as a global leader in his field, has significant expertise in sustainability, with more than 20 years of experience. Dr. Mariappanadar, together with Nicholas Barnett, Executive Chairman of Board Surveys, have released a new 17-page whitepaper titled, ‘Two New Frameworks to Help You Measure and Improve Your ESG Sustainability Maturity.’

Also, Board Surveys’ Board Effectiveness Survey has been updated to include a greater focus on board oversight of ESG risks and opportunities, inclusive of climate change. In addition, Dr. Mariappanadar’s considerable expertise is now available to help clients measure and improve their ESG sustainability performance moving forward.

Improving ESG with a holistic and strategic approach

The best way to improve ESG is a holistic and strategic approach to ESG sustainability. But that is easier said than done as all your current thinking and plans are hardwired into the way your organisation does business and cannot be easily changed. Your organisation may also be one of those that has to rethink its whole vision, purpose, strategy, and business model, looking through a much greener lens.

Have you accounted for all of the appropriate sustainability characteristics to help you achieve the desired ESG sustainability outcome? With a more holistic and strategic approach, you can begin the process of rewiring your structure, policies, culture, systems, and processes to ensure your current ESG sustainability ambitions and performance objectives are met – and above all, are realistic.

Your positive transformation journey to reassess and realign structures, systems and processes are likely to take you at least three to five years. You will need to identify and monitor significant measurable progress points to validate the impact of your revised approaches and may need to adapt your action plan accordingly.

This transformation plan will include new governance and management approaches that will help you navigate the paradox between the contradictory and complementary pillars of sustainability. The most notable of these are profits (economic/financial), people (human/social), and planet (environmental). The goal is to create long-term shared value while minimising environmental, social, and human harm while mitigating financial risks. This is no small feat, but we can help you plan your journey.

The two new frameworks that will guide you through

Our whitepaper identifies and discusses two new frameworks:

Framework 1: Organisational Sustainability Maturity Matrix (OSMM)


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Framework 2: Sustainability Transformation Plan Framework (STPF)

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These frameworks will help you determine how best to rewire your organisational structure, policies, culture, systems, and processes to improve ESG performance outcomes.

Ideally, you will meet and exceed the sustainability standards of SASB and GRI with metrics-based information covering the following factors:

  • Stakeholder reciprocation
  • Firm reputation
  • Sustainability innovation
  • Reduction of firm risks

Find out more from Dr. Mariappanadar

Please Contact Us if you are interested in a 30-minute no-obligation discussion with Dr. Mariappanadar. During that discussion you will learn more about our whitepaper, our ESG Maturity Calibration Survey and our ESG Capability Survey.


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