The Best Board Review for a Not-for-Profit


The best board review for a not-for-profit

A well-functioning board is paramount for not-for-profit organisations to drive impactful change and steer the course towards the mission’s fulfilment. Yet, understanding the extent of the board’s effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement can be challenging without the right tools.

Enter Board Surveys self-managed survey process – a solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of not-for-profit organisations worldwide, regardless of their size or structure.

At Board Surveys, we recognise the importance of equipping boards with the right resources to excel in their governance responsibilities. That’s why we have designed self-managed board surveys to be accessible and beneficial to organisations of every shape and size. Read on to learn how they can help you today.


Empowering not-for-profit organisations of all sizes

With our surveys, your not-for-profit organisation has freedom from lock-in contracts, allowing you to embrace the power of assessment without any unnecessary constraints.

Anonymity is at the core of our survey design, ensuring respondents can candidly share their perspectives and concerns without fear of repercussions. This anonymity becomes a catalyst for uncovering issues that might otherwise remain concealed, leading to a deeper understanding of the board’s functioning and potential obstacles.

The true value of these surveys, however, lies in our benchmarked reports, which offer a clear and comprehensive analysis of your board’s strengths and areas that require improvement. With actionable insights at a glance, you’ll gain valuable guidance on enhancing your board’s effectiveness over the coming year, driving positive change for your organisation’s growth and impact.

Sometimes, interpreting and acting upon survey results requires expert guidance

We’ve established a growing network of seasoned professionals, available in all time zones globally, ready to provide expert advice to boards seeking to make the most of their survey findings. Our commitment to empowering boards extends beyond the assessment phase; we aim to be your partners on the journey of continuous improvement.

With our self-managed board surveys, you’ll embark on a transformative experience of strengthening governance, fostering transparency, and igniting positive change within your not-for-profit organisation. Data-driven decision-making truly helps you find the full potential of your board. We know this, as we’ve seen it happen with lots of non-profits over the many years we have been helping boards to achieve their best.


Ensuring a quality survey process

Undertaking a board survey is invaluable for non-profit organisations seeking to enhance their governance, transparency, and overall effectiveness. However, before embarking on this significant endeavour, it is crucial to ask some critical questions and make strategic decisions to ensure that the survey process becomes a source of value rather than a waste of time for everyone involved, including your organisation.

Define your survey scope

Determine the level of scrutiny required for your board survey. Are you seeking a comprehensive assessment with in-depth interviews and document reviews, or prefer a more streamlined approach to gathering essential data? Understanding the scope will help you allocate resources efficiently and gather insights that align with your organisation’s goals.

Identify target respondents

Decide whom you want to include in the survey process. While board members are a crucial focus, involving key managers who regularly interact with the board can provide a more comprehensive picture of your board’s dynamics and identify potential challenges and opportunities from various perspectives.

Outline Clear Objectives

Clearly articulate the goals and objectives of the board survey. Whether it’s pinpointing areas for improvement, assessing the effectiveness of governance practices, or evaluating board performance, having well-defined objectives will guide the survey process and ensure that it remains focused and purpose-driven.

Ensure anonymity and confidentiality

Create an environment that encourages honest feedback. Ensure anonymity and confidentiality to foster candid responses without fear of repercussions. This will help unearth critical issues that might remain hidden and enable you to address them effectively.

Leverage expert guidance

If your organisation needs to gain experience conducting board surveys or interpreting the results, consider seeking expert guidance. Collaborating with professionals who specialise in governance assessments can provide valuable insights, interpretation, and actionable recommendations based on the survey data.

Align with organisational culture and goals

Tailor the survey to fit your organisation’s unique culture, values, and long-term goals. By aligning the survey questions and structure with your organisation’s specific context, you will yield more relevant and applicable results that resonate with your team and leadership.

Communicate the importance of participation

Communicate the significance of the board survey to all participants. Emphasise how their input will shape the board and organisation’s future and drive positive change. Encourage participation from all stakeholders and showcase that their voices matter in shaping the board and organisation’s direction.


Which is the best board review for your non-for-profit?

At Board Surveys, we understand that every entity deserves a comprehensive and efficient board review process regardless of its size, structure, or industry. That’s why our most versatile survey option has become the preferred choice for organisations worldwide, catering to diverse entities seeking to enhance their governance and performance.

The Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey is the cornerstone of your annual board review, offering flexibility to adapt to your unique needs and preferences. Whether you opt for an external deep-dive review every two or three years with in-depth interviews or a more streamlined approach for the years in between, our survey provides the ideal foundation to unlock valuable insights.

Our versatile survey option proves to be a game-changer for small public, private, government, and not-for-profit organisations seeking to avoid the time-consuming burden of extensive interviews, document reviews, and other resource-intensive surveying tactics. With a validated, world-class, benchmarked survey and a comprehensive report, this option saves you time and effort while delivering invaluable data-driven results. Our scale and use of technology has enabled us to significantly reduce our prices which means you will also save thousands of dollars compared to an alternative provider. You can also include optional extras, tailoring the survey to suit your organisation’s specific requirements.Speak with our experts to experience a transformative board review process today and unlock the path to sustainable growth and success for your non-profit organisation.


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