Nicholas Barnett’s ABC interview reveals 25% of boards are dysfunctional


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In an exclusive interview with ABC, Senior Business Correspondent Peter Ryan sits down with Nicholas Barnett, the Executive Chairman of Board Surveys, to delve into our new report, ‘Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later.’ This in-depth report analysed 500 boards and uncovered a startling fact: a whopping 25 percent of these boards are dysfunctional, and shockingly, many are oblivious to their own shortcomings.

As investors gear up to express their concerns at the Qantas annual general meeting, Nicholas and Peter propose that it serves as an insightful example. The report’s revelations about dysfunctional boards highlight the wider challenges and issues that corporate boards, including those at Qantas, must confront to ensure effective governance and decision-making.

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