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How We Are Shaking up the Board Review and Board Survey Industry


How we are shaking up the board review and board survey industry

Board Surveys is shaking up the industry by offering its board surveys at a fraction of the cost of its competitors without compromising on the quality of our product and service. Our prices start at $1,450 and we even provide discounts below that for organisations turning over less that $1 million.

Most of our competitors charge a minimum of $10,000 or $15,000. Not only that, but customers can buy our services online, something that virtually none of our competitors offer. Also, unlike our competitors, we are committed to transparency, so you can easily see our prices.

So, why are our prices so low? Our mission is to help thousands of boards improve their performance and effectiveness. We believe that cost should not be a barrier for small organisations. We use state-of-the-art survey, benchmarking, and reporting technologies, which most of our competitors have yet to embrace. We have developed streamlined and customer-centric processes that make it easier for our customers to use our services. Our systems are designed to carry out hundreds of board surveys each month, and our survey throughput is at least ten times higher than most competitors.


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Board Surveys provides a range of services that enable boards to design their own review based on their specific needs and requirements. Two options are available: the Advanced Board Effectiveness Survey and the Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey, each with a benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report.

In addition to the core services, Board Surveys offers a range of optional extras that boards can add to their review. These include:

  1. Executive input – the survey can be extended to include executives and extra reporting is provided in the benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report.
  2. Director Effectiveness Module – this is a light touch review of each director’s effectiveness, including a Director Effectiveness Scorecard for each director.
  3. Advice to the Chair – a video debrief of the Chair on how to interpret and act on the report for around one hour, including answering any questions.
  4. Advice to the Board – a video debrief of the board on interpreting and acting on the report for around one hour, including answering any questions.


Larger clients who may want a more comprehensive survey can go to our sister brand, Board Benchmarking, and design their own review. If you require a more detailed or bespoke review, Board Surveys or one of its many Board Advisory Partners can provide a proposal and quote accordingly. Customised reviews often include the options set out above, as well as interviews with all directors and several executives, plus the preparation of a detailed expert report.

Board Survey’s flexible approach allows boards to tailor their review to meet their specific needs while allowing them to add additional services if required. This ensures that boards receive the insights and recommendations they need to improve their performance and effectiveness.


Fast turnaround and no lock-in contracts

Board Surveys offers two affordable board surveys with transparent pricing starting at only A$1,450. These surveys are designed to be fit-for-purpose and provide valuable insights into areas of strength and areas that may require improvement.

To keep the surveys accessible and provide a fast turnaround, Board Surveys uses a self-managed system that allows clients to arrange for the prompt completion of their survey and to get their benchmarked report promptly after that.

Unlike competitors relying on subscription models and lock-in contracts to ensure ongoing revenue, Board Surveys believes in providing our clients with transparent, accessible, and affordable pricing without any commitments that may not suit them. We are confident in the quality of our products and services, and we believe that our clients should be provided the flexibility of choosing what works best for them.

By offering our fit for purpose benchmarked board surveys through Board Surveys, we can extend our expertise and support to small organisations and not-for-profits who may not have otherwise been able to access it.


Extra surveys to help organisations succeed

Our sister brand, Board Benchmarking, offers a number of board, CEO and leadership team related surveys to help organisations set themselves up for success:

  • A CEO Effectiveness Survey and a CEO Attribute Ranking Survey
  • Two Leadership Team Effectiveness Surveys
  • A new Strategy Effectiveness Survey (available for FREE to individuals)
  • Three ESG surveys (available for FREE to individuals)


Expert advice from local Board Advisory Partners supports these surveys, and our research and white papers contribute to enhanced board reviews.

Boards should take note of the importance of annual performance reviews, just as reviewing the performance of employees is important. Better boards lead to better organisations, so it is essential to ensure that governance practices are not compromised.

Try a free, shortened survey today

We understand that choosing the right board effectiveness survey can be difficult. That’s why we offer a “Try Before you Buy” option that allows individual directors, executives, company secretaries and others to complete a shortened version of our survey.

Once the survey is completed, you’ll receive a link to a benchmarked Board Effectiveness Report based on their responses. This report provides valuable insights into areas of strength and areas that may require improvement, based on your responses. Our “Try Before you Buy” option allows individuals to experience the quality and accuracy of our surveys before committing to a full board effectiveness review. This can be particularly helpful for smaller organisations or those new to board reviews who may be unsure about the process.

At Board Surveys, we believe providing high-quality service is critical to our success. With our FREE option, we can demonstrate our commitment to excellence and provide our clients with the information they need to make informed decisions about their board effectiveness review. Try it today!


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