Underperforming boards? These are unnecessary thanks to our quality Board Performance Appraisal process

Board Surveys offers a world-first self managed online appraisal solution that is affordable, validated, and benchmarked to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes

Board surveys factors explained

With Board Surveys, everyone from large listed, private, government, and not-for-profit companies to clubs and associations can ensure their boards are operating at maximum efficiency. Our fit-for-purpose board performance appraisals can be used by organisations of all sizes but they are specifically designed to be attractive for smaller organisations and Not For Profits.

Our robust evidence-based framework provides crucial data that gives an in-depth look into the current state of your board, identifying its successes and opportunities for improvement. Learn why a board performance appraisal should be a regular feature for your organisation today.

A board performance appraisal is designed to assess the extent that the individual and collective roles and responsibilities of a board are working optimally. By understanding if the performance expectations of the board are bening met and where the shortfalls are means a roadmap can be built to make the board become more effective. Improved board performance translates to better corporate governance, and regular board evaluations can improve board meetings, the communication of information, and the effectiveness of the long-term corporate strategy.

Board appraisals can lead to improvements in the working relationship between the board and its management and dealings with the CEO. Formal board appraisals can be performed on the board as a whole and/or on individual board members to ensure a healthy balance in leadership roles.

Our benchmarked Board Effectiveness Survey has recently been assessed using an independent validation process with the assistance of Deakin University in Australia. The result was an alignment with psychometrically defensible dimensions of board functioning. This means your board performance appraisal will be highly reliable in measuring the most important dimensions of a board’s performance and effectiveness.

This process ensures you have an in-depth understanding of board operations, highlighting its strengths, but more importantly, identifying areas that require most  improvement. With this, you can ensure that your board is providing value to your organisation, creating a better position from which organisational goals can be achieved.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and the benefits of regular board appraisals via the board survey process are simple and clear: 

  • You will receive benchmarked reports that clearly show where your board sits based on a specific measurement system
  • Each survey item is graded and weighted across the 16 dimensions of effectiveness
  • Your board’s overall effectiveness will become clear, and you’ll understand which areas need improvement
  • The appraisal can be performed online and is affordable, validated, and includes world-class benchmarking 
  • Organizations of all shapes and sizes have easy access to vital board performance data


There is no excuse for poor performance or ineffectiveness. Let our board performance appraisal process help create a better board for your organisation today. Let’s chat about setting up your board performance appraisal today!

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