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Advanced board surveys

Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey

Power up with in-depth survey items ideal for mid to larger organisations.

The benefits of the Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey are simple and clear. A Benchmarked report clearly show where your board sits compared to similar boards. From the top quartile (green) to the middle 50 percent (beige) or the bottom quartile (red), each survey item is benchmarked across 16 dimensions of effectiveness. This provides a clear picture of your board’s overall effectiveness.

The board assessment process aims to identify and improve the current state of a board’s performance. Valid benchmarking is the key to your success!  Benchmarking of results against comparable boards helps you make the right informed judgements about where you’re at and what you need to do to improve.

The Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey is our most comprehensive option. It allows an organisation to truly understand every facet of their board and its internal workings. Commonly used by larger listed, private, government and not-for-profit organisations, it is suitable for newcomers or those who have been doing board reviews for many years.

Many large businesses use the Essentials Board Effectiveness Survey as the foundation for externally facilitated deep-dive board reviews. Our global team of external experts can add the important extra dimensions to your board review that many larger organisations seek and these can be found with our optional extras.

Our Essentials Version is also suitable for stand-alone reviews. When opting to use it in such a way, you avoid the extra review procedures (such as interviews). This helps to speed up the process with less intrusion on the time of directors and any executives you want included while still providing extremely valuable insights. You should consider adding an optional extra of asking one of our global board advisory experts to help you interpret and act on your benchmarked survey.

Key Benefits

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Is your board benchmarked in the top, middle or bottom quartile overall, for each dimension and for each survey item?

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A leading Australian university, experienced directors and governance experts helped to validate our surveys to ensure we only measure the things that really matter.

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These surveys can be used by boards of all shapes and sizes in any industry and country. They are online and affordable.

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Change Oriented

The benchmarked report is designed to be very action oriented with a focus on the areas that are the biggest levers for change.

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Efficiency is easy with the help of the latest online survey and reporting technologies that deliver our board surveys and benchmarked reports directly to you and your directors.

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Fear not; our surveys only take around 10 or 15 minutes to complete, so you can get on with your day!

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Having completed over 400 board reviews, our honed and streamlined process is specifically designed to make everything simple for you.

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Optional Advice

Take advantage of our years of board and governance experience by opting for advice from one of our global experts on how to interpret and act on your survey results.

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